Artist Statements

Jorge Salinas Valero

 Artist Statement

I perform my work following well-defined steps. First of all, I give special importance to drawing and composition. Next, I proceed to do a quick analysis of the tonal values, that is, to achieve a balance between the darkest, the middle and the lightest tones (chiaroscuro). Then, I apply the color, moving forward with everything at once, very loosely and quickly, until I achieve the desired definition.

The theme of my paintings varies, I try to paint with a live model or en plein air. I occupy the resource of photography when there is no other option. Sometimes I create something in Photoshop, with images taken from here and there.

My creations are life experiences that I relate to with colors and shapes.  Those colors and shapes always come to my mind as a scenery. A scenery can be a sky, with a certain light or color, a tree next to the road, the dark corner of a house, etc. This is exactly what I want to represent when I paint. I am happy when I see a vividly expressed memory in my work.


Fabiola Valeska

Artist Statement

As a creative individual I paint as a form of communication, where the image in my mind, materializes into a visual creation through application of textures and a playful approach with paint.   My work is about capturing a feeling with paint, the colors or imagery. My paintings are created, mostly but not always, with recycled materials.  From these items, I create intuitively. 

Oliver The warrior horse (2017) was painted on pieces of vinyl flooring, which were glued together and have the pieces of vinyl flooring, glued right where I painted the brick on the painting, fitting right in.  Shattered aquarium (2003), was created by painting on glass, securing the glass with silicone, adding texture, mosaic glass tiles, it even has a piece of glass missing!  Roused, butterfly Blenny & his blue jet(2011), the texture coincides perfectly with butterfly Blenny's face. He has his face materializing out of the piece.

My artworks adapt to my creative healing process, which can be seen through the layers of paint and textures.



Enzo Valero

Artist Statement

I recall from a very early age that I loved art. I drew dinosaurs, Jesus, scenes from my favorite movies, cartoons and television shows, often by memory  and I haven't stopped, since art is what motivates me, keeps me grounded and keeps me moving.

Today I try to explore all sides of the artistic universe and visual arts continues to be one of the most satisfying. It not only allows me to express myself artistically, like a journal, it allows me to put into my drawings and paintings my passions, my thoughts, my likes, and even dislikes. It also allows me to explore new mediums, new techniques because we never stop learning and evolving as artists and human beings.

I specialize in pencils,  pastels, and water-soluble media.  I love to draw realism and photo realism, landscapes, and portraiture but the style is also dictated by my mood, the subject, and the medium I'm using. For instance when using pencils, I am detailed, as the medium allows intricate details in even the tightest of spaces; when using oil pastels or artist crayons, I am more painterly in my approach since these mediums do not allow meticulous detail but do give you the freedom of being more expressive, allowing those broader strokes of vivid color.  With art there really are no limits, and you can go as far as your mind and creativity will allow.